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Nation on the March
Nation on the March

Jul 4, 2010

Trouser Malfunction-2: - (read wardrobe malfunction) -an interesting phenomena

"Wardrobe malfunction" is a term used to describe the accidental exposure of an intimate part of the body due to a defect in the dress.

We are indebted to Justin Timberlake who used it for the first time when in a February 2004 incident that resulted into  the "unintentional" baring of Janet Jackson's bust.It is said this sister of Michael Jackson did not hurry up to cover it up.

This phrase became so popular that it was named as a word that created the maximum  influence on the language for that particular year.

This phrase is also applied to an incident when some part of the dress is NOT removed, like  in 2005 when George W. Bush forgot  to remove his gloves before shaking hands with his Slovak guests.

This subject is photographers' delight although its victims are embarrassed a lot.

But often it is also a publicity stunt. Directly or indirectly, intentionally or otherwise, the opportunity to the publicity is is encashed.

In case of Lord Mayor whose trousers fell down as he stood up to speak at a function, he tweeted that I was wondering how to give publicity to my diet plan and this has happened unintentionally). It is not understood why did not choose to wear a belt or have some trousers altered - more so when he prefers to walk down the streets on many of his engagements in a bid to improve the awareness of weight reduction.

His fitness guru also tweeted that fact that his trainee's falling trousers are a testimony to her fitness programme. Her books have very catchy titles, as we can see here!

But the picture I enjoyed most about ward robe malfunction was the  one taken in the 1950s.

It  is a famous photo of actress Jayne Mansfield leaning over a table at which the legendary actress Sophia Loren was sitting. The photo was famous not just because accidentally Jayne exposed her bust , but  more because of the incredulous look on Loren's face as she sensed that something wrong has happened.

Enjoy - i.e. Sophie's highly expressive eyes! 

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