Nation on the March

Nation on the March
Nation on the March

Jul 9, 2010

I am quite in a shape. Round is the shape! Eating is my passion and pastime!

I don't exercise at all.
If God had wanted me to touch my toes
He would have put them up higher on my body.

One of life's mysteries is how a two-pound box of candy can make a woman gain five pounds.

Here is a beautiful poem 

The Lazy Man's Guide to Exercise

by FatMan911*
borrowed with thanks from 

"For most of us exercise is a 4 letter word, and not one of those nice ones, but with a little creativity and imagination it’s easy to get a full week of exercise and not really do anything different. It’s all a mater of perception Enjoy the lazy man’s exercise routine
Wade through paperwork.. 
Run around in circles.
Open a can of worms
Start the ball rolling..
Beat around the bush
Push my luck. 
Make mountains out of mole hills. 
Hit the nail on the head.
Bend over backwards. 
Jump on the band wagon. 
Drag my heels.
Jump to conclusions
Toot my own horn. 
Climb the ladder of success. 
Pull out the stops. 
Add fuel to the fire.
Go over the edge.
Put my foot in my mouth. 
Balance the books.
Climb the walls.
Now that we’ve had a full week of exercise it’s time to grab a brew and watch a little Television" 
No poetry for Sunday? Yes. After six hectic days, just relax on Sunday!
or take the doggie out on the street for a jog. It is good for him.

*By the way, FatMan911 is a really wonderful person.

Read it in his own words:

Hi my names Jerry
I’m an obese man who weights close to 500 lbs, (though I’m not sure because there isn’t a scale large enough to weigh me), I’m 54 years old, and I was just laid off in August, for the first time in my life I’m on unemployment. I’m scared, worried, depressed, angry, frustrated, and I don’t know what’s going to happen.
In this economy, in this culture, I think I’m screwed.
On November 27, 2009 I started what I would estimate to be a 2 to 3 year journey toward greater health, weight loss, and a better me, starting with a 90 day fast
And so this blog is about the difficulties in my life, the struggle with weight loss and unemployment, the frustrations with being an obese man in a thin culture, My pain, my sorrows, my life.
And maybe some of my joys
If you walk with me along my journey I thank you for your company
If you berate me I will defend myself
For the value of a man should not determined by the size of his girth, but the strength of his character, and the kindness of his heart.

I'm asking people to write to the Dr. Phil Show on my behalf, Just send a quick email to
(I've been told that this address doesn't work any more so you might have to go through his website at )

below is a sample letter if you would like to just cut and paste something

Dear Dr. Phil
I met Jerry Bacik through Hubpages where he writes a daily blog (under the title FatMan911) about his experiences as a 500lbs man trying to loose his weight and get back into shape. He is a wonderful and spiritual person, whom I find courageous in his attempt to deal with his situation. I’m a little concerned because he’s unemployed and has no health insurance so he is unable to see a doctor to monitor his progress and to check his health. You can read about his progress and his situation on “Hubpages” at ( ) as well as your own website at ( ) Please consider helping him see a Doctor and assisting him with his weight loss.
Thank You and May God bless you

In case you want to have a glimpse of his other writings, in case you feel you are obliged and duty bound to eat thrice a day at nearly fixed times, say half an hour here or there.

Things to Do Instead of Eating part I 68


Day 56 of my fast, Day one of the rest of my life.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post )  I fully believe that we eat for a variety of reasons, and the least amount being hunger, we eat because we are frustrated, or angry, we eat because we are conditioned over years to eat at a certain time, or we eat because we are simply bored and don’t have anything better to do. And so I thought that I would come up with a few suggestions of things to do instead of eating. Over the course of the next few days I will present around 50 activities which I hope will give you some ideas of your own, so enjoy, try some out, and have some fun.
Go on a virtual trip
I know money is tight for everyone so why not go on a virtual trip, plan your itinerary, figure out which airport you are going to take off of, which one you will land, what hotel your going to stay at, what sights you are going to see, if you are going to see museums, cathedrals, palaces etc. then go on line and find pictures and video’s for each and every step, remember that the more precise that you are the more it will feel like your taking a trip. So look up hotel rooms, Google maps street views, see what a taxi looks like, watch tacky tourist videos, and snap shots, listen to local music, immerse yourself into the culture and sights and sounds of your tourist destination, this can take days, and is a fun and cheep way to go traveling.
Act like a tourist in your own home town
Pretend you are a traveler who’s seeing your own hometown for the first time. So often there are a lot of “Hole in the wall” museums that you might not even know about, many are free or cost very little, see if there are any animal sanctuaries, botanical gardens, manufacturing plants, wineries, become a tourist, and explore your own back yard, sometimes you might be surprised what’s been right around the corner.
Buy a jig saw puzzle and put it together
I can’t tell you the last time I actually put together a jig saw puzzle, it takes concentration, it’s time consuming, and when you’ve completed it you have a sense of accomplishment. If you don’t want to spend to much money go to your neighborhood thrift store, more then likely you can pick one up for like a buck, then just play around, be a kid again, and have fun.
Paint a picture
I know I’m an artists so I have to say this, but you don’t have to be an artist, get some cheap watercolors, or a kids art set, then plan out you picture, figure what you want it to look like, make a light sketch and then color it in, have fun, get messy, and if you get frustrated, throw paint at it, become an abstract artist.
Write a letter, email, or make a phone call to an old friend
In our busy, fast passed world, so often we forget to keep in contact with other people, so I’m sure there has to be someone out there you just haven’t written or talked to for a long time. Well do it now.
Send a letter off to your Congressman or the President.
No matter what your politics are, I’m sure you have an opinion on the state of the world. So instead of just yelling at your TV set, write a letter, or send an email, to your Congressman, or to the President. Let your voice be heard. Even if you think everything is going great tell your representatives, I’m sure they don’t get to many positive letters either.
Learn a new dance
Haven’t you always wanted to learn to dance a salsa or a tango, or just learn the fox trot? Well; go on line, and find out how, get the music, learn the steps, practice in the safety of your own room, enlist your kids, or your wife, or husband, or a giant big teddy bear, and have fun.
Keep your mind active, your body engaged, and your spirit invigorated, and trust me you wont be thinking about food or eating, so try some of these suggestions and I will be back tomorrow with more.
Until then Peace
FM "
Thanks- Jerry  Bacik alias FatMan911 & best wishes

Trouser Malfunction-5: Story of one great Indian woman's struggle & glory

We are in Leicester for one last time in this 5th post after the trouser malfunction happened here.


If Mr Colin Hall is 552nd Lord Mayor, the story of a determined 550th Lord Mayor is not only  a highly inspirational story but has Indian link too.


This town has many many immigrants and we talk about one determined, brave lady who landed in this place 40 years ago on one cold  day as a bride, from Jullandhur in Punjab.


Her husband had arrived six years before to work. She came here at a time when the tolerance level for immigrants was very low. Idi Amin had ousted thousands of people from Uganda and they were looking for a living everywhere they can.


The city council those days was so much against receiving the immigrants that it placed and advertisement in the Uganda Argus, the govt. owned news  paper that housing and schooling was already under stress and strain and, therefore, “In your own interests and those of your family you should not come to Leicester.”


What a welcome scenario to land up in distant land  to settle down!


The lady was a post graduate and was soon fed up in Leicester. She and her husband – who worked hard  could not afford heating in severe winter. She called up her grandfather one day, unable to bear it & in deep frustration,  to say that she wants to come back to India.


The grand old man knew his daughter well. He said, I have given you education and you should use it now. This is your new home. And he almost hung up.


She tried to teach in primary school and even developed new curriculum for highly diverse &  multi-cultural student groups. In return , she was snubbed by the school principal rather than encouraging her. Her husband’s short and sweet advice was that she should enter politics.


One day when she was feeling very low, having tough time to fight racism, and standing before the statue of Virgin Mary in the local church to seek solace and strength, she heard an inner voice telling her : why are you defeating the woman in you?


She never ever gave up and achieved everything .


Paul Sood  died suddenly in 1996 and did not live long enough to see happily Manjula Sood attain the unique honour of being on 15th May 2008, ,   the first Asian woman to have ascended the chair of  the Lord Mayor of Leicester, or for that matter, for any other city in the UK.


She was awarded prestigious MBE by the Queen. She was also awarded honorary doctorate in 1998 by the University of Leicester.


Needless to mention, she is very prosperous, popular and very active even today.

What great words from the grandfather, from the hubby and what great determination to fight the odds to make the woman within her a winner!

Jul 6, 2010

Trousers malfunction-4:The lady who made the trousers fall

Rosemary Conley
These days, marketing and product publicity are deployed so masterfully that people fall in the trap as though blindfolded!

Rosemary Conley, the 54-year old  fitness guru of the Lord Mayor of Leicester, Mr. Colin Hall, ( of the trouser malfunction fame) was anyway very famous and has now become more well known. No news item about the fallen trousers ends without a mention of the fitness guru who is training him to shed his extra weight.

·        In 1986 Rosemary discovered a low-fat diet plan, which transformed her body in a way she had never been able to achieve with previous diets.
·        In 1993, Rosemary launched her Diet and Fitness Clubs and its national network today has  190 professionally qualified exercise teachers currently running more than 2,000 weekly classes across the UK for over 80,000 members.

·        In 1996, her Diet & Fitness magazine was launched. This award-winning publication has more than 5,00,000 readers and became market leader in its sector after just three issues.
Her product titles are very seductive and compelling as you will see from the website. :for example, she wants us to make a donation to some charities whenever we consume extra calories on special occasions. This way we become conscious about what wrong we did and learn now onwards to eat healthily and not feel the guilt of overindulgence. She calls this "calorieoffset: Do not feel guilt, feel grateful"
·        From 1996 to 2000 she  was a consultant to world-famous retail store Marks & Spencer and helped them to develop their low fat, calorie-controlled food range.
·        Rosemary has presented her own TV Series on BBC etc channels  seven years.
  • Rosemary was awarded CBE (the Commander of British Empire) by the Queen in 2004 for her services to the fitness and diet industry.
  • She  has 37 years' experience of helping people to lose weight and become fitter. Sales of her 29 books and 29 fitness videos exceed 90,00,000 copies, and she is widely acknowledged as the UK's most successful diet and fitness expert.
Her advice for us:

If your motivation is high when you start a diet, you are 10 times more likely to succeed, so how can you stop the willpower from waning?


When we embark on a diet and fitness plan our motivation is strong and the results on the scales are fast and easy to see. The challenge comes when the novelty wears off and the weight doesn’t drop off at the same rate it did at the beginning.

Here are my top 20 tips to keep you motivated:

  1. Determine your goals. Find a reason for getting slim and fitter and write it down eg a forthcoming holiday, wedding or special event for which you really want to be slim. Set a timescale and note down your results as you achieve each milestone.
  2. Reward yourself as you reach each goal eg each time you lose 7lb. Enjoying short-term rewards for your success whether it's buying a new pair of shoes or booking a manicure can keep you motivated.
  3. For each pound you lose on the scales, place the equivalent weight in the form of books or cans into a bag. If ever you feel frustrated when your rate of weight loss slows down, pick up the bag to refresh your memory of how far you have come.
  4. As well as weighing yourself each week, always measure around your bust/chest, waist, hips and widest part. Make a note of your weekly inch or centimetre loss. Sometimes we lose inches even when our weight remains the same.
  5. If you live near one of our diet and fitness classes, do go along. Being in a class with people just like you and participating in an exercise session that will burn fat and tone you up will help you to stay on track. There is a workout at every class we run.
  6. Find a diet buddy to encourage you on your journey and avoid negative people.
  7. Whether a member of our RC class or our RC online slimming club, you will receive a certificate for each stone you lose. Stick these on your fridge to remind you of your achievements.
  8. Always keep your ‘before’ photograph handy and take interim pictures too so you have a visual record of your progress.


  9. Go clothes shopping and try on a dress in your ‘old’ size and realise how much you must have slimmed down.
  10. While shopping, find your dream dress and hold it against you in the size you are aiming for and imagine yourself wearing it. If you can afford it, buy it and use it as a goal.
  11. Keep motivated by reading the stories of our successful slimmers featured in this magazine. They did it and so can you!
  12. Start a scrapbook of momentos of your weight-loss journey, Slimmer of the Week certificates, congratulatory notes and cards to remind you of how well you are doing.
  13. Cut out your favourite low-fat recipes from this magazine. Keep them in a folder as your personal recipe book.
  14. If you have a bad day, don't beat yourself up. Just get back on the diet, eat your three daily meals and do a bit more exercise to burn some extra calories.
  15. Get your hair restyled. Go to a good salon and speak to a stylist to find the best manageable style for you. A new hair colouring can take years off you.
  16. Never discard the largest garment you wore when you were at your heaviest. It will act as a real motivational reminder of your progress.
  17. Celebrate each time you reach a new ‘stone’ category on your weight-loss record card, for instance going from, say, 13st-something to 12st-something.
  18. Exercise helps your skin to shrink back so keep active and massage cream over your body after every shower or bath to help keep your skin soft and toned. Treat yourself to our Body Firming Cream. It’s great value, very effective and smells and feels delightful. I use it every day.
  19. Start dressing thoughtfully to emphasise your slimmer figure. Take pride in your appearance and you'll find that people will pay you compliments, which will encourage you to keep going.
  20. Losing your excess weight, getting fitter and eating more healthily is the best thing you can do to stay healthy. Next time you go to the doctor, ask them to check your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Seeing the improvements to your health will motivate you to keep it up long term. You really could be saving your life!

  1. 21.This additional tip is from me, not from Rosemary but me...

  1. "Keep the photograph and news item cutting about the trousers malfunction of Lord Mayor of Leicester - or35 year old Angelina McAvenna who was HER student.

Jul 5, 2010

Trouser malfunction-3 .....Was this a punishment by the God?

Scenario-1: It is 23rd June, 2010.The ‘Telegraph (UK) headlines scream.“ Lord Mayor bans "intrusive and outdated" Christian prayers before council meetings. A Lord Mayor has banned the traditional Christian prayers at the start of council meetings, calling the practice “"outdated, unnecessary and intrusive".

Nick Britten wrote further: “Mr (Colin) Hall, who has just taken over the mayorship in Leicester, said the “majority” of councilors and city council staff were not practicing Christians therefore there was little point in having the prayers” and also that “ "I am delighted to confirm that I will be exercising my discretion as Lord Mayor to abolish the outdated, unnecessary and intrusive practice. 

Mr Hall declined to comment (on the reactions from the Church) but the Deputy Lord Mayor, Robert Wann, said …..: “We have many faiths within Leicester and we respect all faiths accordingly. Equally we respect people with no faith and on this occasion the Lord Mayor has decided not to have prayers and we will abide by that."

Leicester is a huge population with large minority groups. The council members have familiar sounding names like Hussein Suleman, Manish Sood, Ramila Shah, Veejay Pael, Rashmikant Joshi, Piara Singh & Harshad Bhavsar! This will give a glimpse of minority settlement.

Scenario-2: On the same day, 23-6-2010, another paper The Mail Online (UK) headlines scream in the mayor's support:

“What's God got to do with it?' Atheist Mayor bans traditional Christian prayers before council meetings. It quoted Mr Hall saying that  'I consider that religion, in whatever shape or form, has no role to play at all in the conduct of council business.”

A week later, on 30th June, 2010. The same ‘Telegraph’ (UK) headlines scream:

“Lord Mayor's trousers fall down.  A lord mayor has apologised after his trousers fell down during a visit to a local library".

Scenario 4: On 1st July, the Church mouse blog post headline screams:

New proof of God's existence - Mayor bans council prayers, then his trousers fall down in public” He adds : Clearly the Lord was not so impressed, as he has now humbled the mighty Mayor in possibly the most embarrassing incident Mouse has ever heard of for a public official.


It further says: "..Mouse has seen the mighty ha(n)d of God at work in this.  Surely this is proof that God intervenes in the world. ”


Let the headlines scream. Let the people take whosoever's side, but one thing is clear. Councillor Hall means business. No fuss. he knows where to put his foot down. And also knows where to lend his weight. ( He weighs nearly 100kg)

And believe me, the God had no hand in his trousers succumbing to gravity. It was his weight loss effort. If he has his way, there will be hundreds and hundreds of incidents of pants falling down on the streets of Leicester.

Not convinced?  Read further., why his trousers fell down. 

 Scenario 5: 4th  July, 2010: It is reported that the Indian-origin Labour MP Keith Vaz has gifted a belt to the Lord Mayor of Leicester, whose pants became loose and fell down few days ago. vaz said: "I hope this small gift will help him in his civic duties.
Vaz has known the Lord Mayor since he was in his teens, said: "I am delighted that the Lord Mayor has gone on a diet. This is something that we all aspire to do but none of us would have expected such dramatic consequences."

Councilor Hall has started a city-wide campaign for physical fitness.
Called 3x30 ( see the logo), people who sign up will be pledging to make that change to their lifestyles by exercising 3 x 30 minutes a week. The 3 x 30 Pledge will  motivate people to exercise,  through discounts to the local Council Leisure Facilities , receiving incentives , prize draws  and so on.
Once you achieve 3 x 30 minutes of exercise and hit specific milestones you will receive incentives such as a pedometer, exercise DVD, signed football shirts/tickets, water bottles etc. There will also be prizes for the 100th/200th pledger and so on. Leicester City Council has been successful in securing funding to deliver free swimming lessons to Adults across the City. 

Lord mayor has set himself a target to reduce his weight by 3 stones ( 18 kg) from the current weight of 16 stones (97 kg )  ! He follows strict diet, does exercises and to attend his meetings, goes walking very often.

How he forgot to get the pants altered for his new slimmer waist or to fasten them with a belt is a mystery. may be he was busy wearing his official  heavy 18-carat gold chain set in velvet with a medallion, dated 1867

Is not this  fun  that an innocently falling pair of trousers has given best publicity to a  right meaning mayor , who has chosen to express his views on church and prayers , on the need to keep fit and be active.
Both his actions will make the city a wonderful place to live with health and harmony.

Councilor Colin Hall, the Lord Mayor sure knows that “There is a vast difference between saying prayers and praying”