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Nation on the March
Nation on the March

Jul 1, 2010

What a kick? Why not to do this in India!!

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is a truly brave man. 
He has suspended yesterday the Nigerian football team, which failed to win a single match! 
Perhaps, because, football is a great uniting and bonding factor in this land of diversity which has more than 300 tribes and customs.

The president also wants an audit of the current World Cup organising committee. 
In past, Nigerian fans are known to have  become so angry at thier team's failure that they broke glasses of the  team bus and hand to be  prevented from attacking  the dressing rooms with the help of tear gas shells. 

Their team, the Super Eagles, has earned the new name, as a joke:  the Super Chickens. 
The ban is to "enable Nigeria to reorganise its football".The Nigerian Football Federation will  be dissolved  Nigeria were knocked out in the group stages without winning a game. 
To Mr president Goodluck Jonathan, we say : Jonathan, Goodluck!!

India’s record world Championships is nothing to crow about. in past there was Milkha Singh in the 1958 who won 400 m gold. An occasional Rathore, Saina or Bindra, that is all. Take any game, sports or athletic event and we are absent. Our contingents have more non-playing members from various govt. depttt.s than the players! 

Oh, we need not forget Kabaddi and Kho-Kho and are masters because hardly anybody else knows about it.
One  feels our nation deserves Goodluck actions - Nigerian style. Ban all the sports and sportspersons who have lost shamelessly at major events. 

Ban them for two years. Put them to focussed task of improving. Audit their accounts. Whip the corrupt and unworthy officials.
In other words, do whatever is necessary , whether written in the book or not. 

Compare us with the neighbour!
China's participation in Olympics started  in1936 at Berlin Games and performance was pathetic. There were more than one reasons for intervening absence & she  entered Olympics after a break of 30 years at 1984 Los Angeles and - the world was shocked by the sterling performance of its players.  


In August 1995, a ‘Physical Culture Law’ was enacted in China , which created   a series of rules and regulations requiring citizens to enhance their health and physique through sports. 
With the emphasis on young people and children, this programme proposes that everyone engage in at least one sports activity daily, master at least two body-building methods and have a health examination every year. 
 It also requires that physical culture departments at all levels help individuals to create health-building activities that fit in with their work and school commitments. 

The National Physical Fitness Programme has set a number of targets to be reached in a timely manners, such as  making 37% of China’s total population (that’s 481 million citizens) take part in physical exercises regularly, and to have 350,000 popular sports instructors across the country. 
By the end of 2000, there were 30 national  sports associations and over 40,000 grassroots sports associations, plus  3,854 urban sports organisations,and also 2,000 community sports instruction stations with  100,000 part-time sports instructors. 


China's sports coaches are rated  on the success of their students. In 2009, for example, Ai Dongmei, a former national marathon champion, and two of her team-mates, were granted  damages from their former coach, who was regularly beating them and had taken away  all their earnings.

Long live such a dedication for sports and for the national pride. Long live the visionaries in Nigeria and China.

Waiting with crossed fingers to be commence soon and end without national disgrace!!