Nation on the March

Nation on the March
Nation on the March

Dec 9, 2009

Astrological help for Tiger arrives little too late ( the women were faster ! )

Failure or success seem to have been allotted to men by their stars. But they retain the power of wriggling, of fighting with their star or against it, and in the whole universe the only really interesting movement is this wriggle. ~ said .M. Forster

Whatever has happened to Tiger Woods, at least he knows why it is happening to him !

Every body has the answers, logic and rational opinion about it.

I was wondering where the astrologers were ? And here they are ! ( I have nothing against astrologers - but still must report this )

Lynn Hayes writes on 2nd December which is bold, flowing with over confidence and too true to believe: ( an extract)

Quote: " Regardless of what happens in Woods's personal life, 
his public image has taken a big hit.  

I won't take the time right now for a detailed analysis of Woods's astrological chart, but a brief overview reveals that he has the Sun in Capricorn .......  Virgo is rising in the chart ...,  His Moon, though, tells a different story - his Moon (....  in freedom-loving Sagittarius, optimistic at heart and full of confidence.  That confidence is expanded by a very big Jupiter (planet of optimism and good fortune) in the assertive sign of Aries, revealing his inner competitive nature.
Uranus ....  been an important influence for Tiger Woods since May of 2008 when it crossed the cusp of Woods's seventh house of marriage, transiting back and forth over the next 18 months.  At the same time Uranus was in a challenging square (90 degree) formation to his Moon and the Midheaven of his chart, signifying his career.  Clearly this has been a time of intense inner turmoil and perhaps a desire to shatter the confines of his very controlled and public life.
Woods's progressed chart is quite active as well.  The progressed chart evolves over time just as we do, and his progressed Midheaven ....  crossed his progressed Saturn (.... last month as the rumors began to build. 

Had Tiger Woods consulted with an astrologer earlier this year he would have been warned of the potential for a public relations problem with the Saturn/Midheaven in the progressed chart, and understanding the nature of the Uranus transit might have helped him to be a little more cautious in his activities.  It's not likely that the damage will be permanent, though - transiting Jupiter will make a harmonious trine to the Midheaven in his natal chart in a couple of weeks and smooth everything over. Unquote
So far, even women have spoken. Eighth woman is thinking of coming forward for offering  her "kiss-and tell" story, his wife has walked out of their palatial home to stay in  the neighbourhood, one woman has been found inn his home and taken to hospiatl. Too many woman - even for Tiger - to handle!

My only concern is that if Tiger Woods forgot to consult an astrologer, why did the astrologers forget to voluntarily write to him ( as they are doing now)?

We have a joke that Indian Police is like a rainbow. 
It appears on the scene ( of crime) when everything is over, like a rainbow that emerges after the rains, storm & lightning is over.

Dear  Police : congrats ! You have now good  company of astrologers. 
Be together!

                                                   About 225 years ago Voltaire said:  

Superstition is to religion
what astrology is to astronomy:

the mad daughter of a wise mother”