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Nation on the March
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Jul 4, 2010

Trouser Malfunction-1: The dieting Lord Mayor's belt-less trousers fall down before students!!

The Lord Mayor of Leicester has apologised after his trousers fell down during a visit to a local library on Tuesday.

Mr Colin Hall, the Lord Mayor , who is required to be addressed as The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Leicester  as per the protocol, & wears the 18 carat gold chain of office on black velvet was standing up to give a vote of thanks at a civic function  organised by an education network at Southfields library and pupils from three local schools were present at the function.

His spokesman said: "The Lord Mayor of Leicester, Councillor Colin Hall, attended a function at a local library yesterday where he suffered an unfortunate problem with his trousers. They did not stand up with him - but fell down.

"He was not wearing a belt and the trousers came loose and fell. The Lord Mayor has offered his deepest apologies to those attending the event for any offence caused by the accident."

The council confirmed that Mr Hall recently hired a fitness guru with the goal of losing three stone ( or 19 kg ) from his 16 stone (about 100 kg weight) by next May, when his 12-month term expires.

He walks down to many functions 

as a part of his weight loss regimen.  


n his twitter message he said:  Two days ago, I was wondering how to publicise the progress of my diet. I hear, though, this issue may be resolved very soon. 



His fitness guru however 

was enjoying the publicity she got. She tweeted : "Very funny to hear that Leicester's Lord Mayor Colin Hall's trousers fell down at a public event. My diet is obviously working well! Bril!l" 

Majority of others who tweeted, said  : "This is the best news headline I have ever read."

Cartoon ( with thanks to the copyright holders) 

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