Nation on the March

Nation on the March
Nation on the March

Nov 4, 2010

Happy Diwali made happier by one Beautiful Poem !!

मन in Gujarati has various meanings such as  mind; desire, 

wish; heart; conscience, etc. 

In this simple and beautiful poem, the poet uses another 

Gujarati word अजवाल. It also has various meanings such as 

to burnish, cleanse; make a light, enlighten;  enhance one's reputation; etc

In rural households, in the pre-stainless steel era,  cooking utensils were and ofter are still made from  copper and brass. At festive times, the womenfolk will make extra efforts and rub and rinse them with fine-particled sand and ash and display them proudly on their kitchen shelves. It was a respectable mark of tidiness and great housekeeping !

He suggests that like the women burnish and cleanse the utensils  and make them sparkling, so should we burnish and cleanse the mind and heart which often becomes an ocean of discontent; forgetful of what it is bestowed with and mindful only of what has escaped from its fingers!

This  Diwali, the festival of the million lights, let me burnish and clean  my heart and mind and conscience of its dirt and dust - gathered over the time - and let this precious inner vessel sparkle and be filled with contentment and gratitude for the treasure that I already have been gifted with.

This poem gives in few simple sentences the master-key to eternal happiness and rest and respite from the rat race. Let me acquire this master-key and make the remainder of life joyful and peaceful.

I enjoyed this poem and its beautiful message  and hope it will sparkle a few thoughts in some more hearts, too!

Happy Diwali