Nation on the March

Nation on the March
Nation on the March

Jan 1, 2010

Come to the Edge....a small, simple yet inspiring and 'pushing' poem

नवा वर्षमां एक नानी पण प्रेरणादायी, सचित्र  कविता

  Christopher Logue  (English poet, - b.1926- )

Come to the edge.

We might fall.

Come to the edge.

It's too high!


And they came

and he pushed

 and they flew...

अने   छेल्ले,
शंकरभाई  पटेल लिखित  
एक कवितामां 
एक पक्षी ना बच्चानी वात 

शिखवुं  मारे

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