Nation on the March

Nation on the March
Nation on the March

Dec 1, 2009

Does the beauty lie in eyes or .... the mind .... or in the heart? ....( Body Beautiful-II )

   Beauty and ugliness.


Decent and obscene.

Perfect and imperfect.

 Desirable and undesirable, etc  

 All these are contradictions which tear the human mind  apart . 


They exist in an individual’s mind and yet he applies his yard stick to the entire world that exists around him and judges people, things and objects accordingly, likes and dislikes them staunchly, craves for them passionately, accepts or rejects them .

 Please see these pictures to decide whether a nude body is always sensuous. 

 Which picture is more obscene  -  for humanity


Is some thing cute always cute?


Please see this little cub of the big cat  

& how cute and playful it is ! 

( from the advt. that appeared in 

India Today Magazine of 7th Dec. 2009.)

But .............

 Now see the details of the same picture . 

 Is it  still cute to watch it  & think about the playful cub?  

(This has moved me sufficiently 

to continue to write about beauty, ugliness, 

fat and slim, size zero and 

super models in next posts)

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